Helen Leadbetter Speaker at Green Hydrogen UK & Ireland

Helen Leadbetter

Zero Emissions Flight & Hydrogen Challenge Lead, Future Safety & Innovation Civil Aviation Authority

Helen joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority in June 2022, working on hydrogen, zero emission and Future Flight Challenge projects. Alongside this Helen lead the creation of the CAA’s Hydrogen Challenge to facilitate collaboration with industry and academia to improve the understanding of hydrogen-related risks in aviation, identify gaps in policies, and propose new recommendations to develop net-zero policies. This will allow for increased regulatory readiness, reduced risk of failure, and improved collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority.


Prior to joining the CAA, Helen worked for the Aerospace Technology Institute on the FlyZero Project researching the use of hydrogen as an aviation fuel. During this time Helen co-authored the whitepaper Hydrogen Infrastructure and Operations – Airports, Airline, Airspace.

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