Hydrogen Allocation Round 1 Funding Winners Review: What Happens Next?

Time: 10:05 - 10:45

Date: 2024-07-02


The successful projects of the Hydrogen Production Business Model & Net Zero Hydrogen Fund (HAR1 Round) were published December 2023 after the launch of the round in July 2022. These projects worth 125MW in capacity will make up part of the 20GW of potential hydrogen projects by 2030. The second hydrogen allocation round (HAR2) worth three times more than HAR1 has been announced alongside the HAR1 winners announcement. What lessons can be taken into future HAR rounds, and what happens to the projects that didn’t get the necessary funding?


  • The future of Net Zero Hydrogen Fund and HAR(x) applications leading up to 2030 in the UK and IRE
  • Requirements for applications in the price based competitive allocation rounds
  • Establishing realistic timelines for project completion and the start of green hydrogen production?
  • Financing Green Hydrogen projects
  • Next steps for projects that didn’t receive necessary funding
  • Surviving supply chain issues and grid connection delays


  • Sara Bartle Green gas and Hydrogen Policy lead - REA Green Gas and Hydrogen Policy Lead


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